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I can recommend a writing week to anyone who has to write a paper as part of their studies. Especially when writing the first papers, one is often unsure and has many questions, for example, in relation to finding a topic or the correct citation. You get a direct answer to all these questions during the writing week. In addition, the day is much more structured due to the regular meetings with fellow students and you yourself are more motivated, from which even experienced writers can benefit.

I got the most out of the exchange with other students. And the possibility to ask questions directly and to get answers and tips directly.

I think the writing week is good because you are directly much more motivated to continue working on your work when you can exchange ideas with others and share your goals.

The writing week helped me a lot to work specifically on my term paper. Through the meetings spread throughout the day, it was always possible to ask questions, define my goal for the day and reflect on the day at the end, which was very helpful for further work. I was able to learn a lot, because some questions from the participants were also interesting for me, but also because I had the opportunity to express my questions and concerns at any time.

I liked this offer very much: I felt well looked after and I made progress in my work process. I would definitely take part in a writing week again and recommend it to others.

Meeting with a group helped me a lot. Being able to exchange ideas about the respective projects with other students also motivated me a lot. The organization in terms of time also helped me a lot. The feedback from the lecturer also contributed a lot to the progress of my writing process.

I absolutely recommend a writing week to solve existing writing blockades and to gain valuable tips regarding scientific writing/working.

The writing week helped me to structure myself in terms of working hours in order to dedicate myself to my term paper project in a regular and focused manner.

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