LitCo Kick-Off WORKSHOP November 13-15 2014, Berlin, Bonhoeffer-House

In November 2014, LitCo fellows met for the first time in order to exchange their different approaches to literacy in multilingual settings and to discuss the framework for further projects and conferences. >> more

Organisation: Manuela Böhm (Kassel) and Constanze Weth (Luxemburg)

WORKSHOP I: Literacy in Contact: Theories, Concepts, Methods (June 25-27 2015, Cologne)

This workshop is dedicated to the theoretical framework to defining, describing and modeling literacy in multilingual settings. >> more

Organisation: Daniel Bunčić (Köln)
Guest: Ad M. Backus (Tilburg) and Wolfgang Raible (Freiburg)

Workshop II: Multiliteracies: Traditions and Practices Berlin, 20-22th November 2015

We will discuss the complex issue of linguistic choice and practice of literacy in a multilingual context which depends on a variety of factors, namely the literacy culture, traditions, practices and interactions of the communities in which the writers live and work. >> more

Guests: Jeanne Kurvers (Tilburg University) and Daniel A. Wagner (University of Pennsylvania)
Organisation: Christoph Schroeder (Potsdam)

WORKSHOP III: Orthography in Contact (June 23-25 2016, Kassel)

Orthography is very often referred to as a graphematic based set of rules or as a result of codification. At this workshop, we will discuss the inclusion of social practice in the concept of orthography that determines ‘Andersschreiben’ (‘Writing different’) linguistically and functionally in the context of multilingualism. >> more

Organisation: Manuela Böhm (Kassel)


  • Nanna Fuhrhop (Oldenburg)
  • Utz Maas (Graz)




WORKSHOP IV: Multiliteracies in/and education (November 2016, Luxemburg)

This workshop is dedicated to the different scenarios and concepts describing the acquisition and use of two or more languages in and around writing. We will discuss the  linguistic, cognitive, didactic challenges of biliteracy acquisition. >> more

Organisation: Constanze Weth (Luxemburg)


  • Benedetta Bassetti (University of Warwick)
  • Liliana Tolchinsky (Universitat de Barcelona)

Closing Conference (November 16-18 2017, Frankfurt/M.)

The closing conference covers key topics of literacy in contact and presents final results of our work to a wider audience.

Organisation: Ulrich Mehlem, Jürgen Erfurt, Manuela Böhm

To each workshop one or two internationally renowned guest researchers will be invited as keynote speakers. The keynote input shall serve to further expand and deepen the discussion between network fellows. Beyond the keynote address during the workshops the guest researchers shall accompany the work in the network as “critical friends”.