Art and Eco­­no­mies

Art and Economies is a transdisciplinary field in which multivalent research directions come together.

The research area is strategically located between the mutual questions of its constituent disciplines and at the same time challenges the traditional understandings of these two fields. Research questions range from the intrinsic value of art to the economics of artistic production and presentation, from discursive arrangements to market pricing, as well as the intersection of different forms of value and processes of exploitation, each embedded in specific rationalities, epistemologies and norms.

    The department is part of the documenta institute

    Far-reaching social dynamics and processes

    Therefore, research on art and economies is not only relevant in relation to art studies, but also addresses far-reaching social dynamics and processes. The developments of globalisation, migration, financial capitalism and technology are profoundly linked to those in art. As a result, the critical-reflexive mode of artistic production needs to be constantly updated vis-à-vis infrastructural realities.

    Alternative socio-economic visions

    At the same time, the speculative and performative nature of art allows it to delineate an autonomous, albeit situational, space within the overarching socio-political environment in which alternative socio-economic visions can be lived out. By understanding critique as a transformative practice, new categories and innovative methodologies are developed through this transdisciplinary approach.