Jakob Roschka (M.A.)

Research Assistant, Unit: Sociological Theory

Roschka, Jakob
Sociological Theory
Nora-Platiel-Str. 1-5
34109 Kassel
Nora-Platiel 1, Raum 3116
Consultation Hours

By arrangement.

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Supervision of Bachelor Theses
Currently I am looking for interested students who want to write a qualitative-empirical oriented thesis (mainly interviews or participatory observations) on one of the following topics:

- How does the relationship to and the perception of energy change among consumers in the course of the energy crisis 2022/23?
- How does the relationship to and the perception of energy change among consumers when they purchase an electric car, a photovoltaic or solar thermal system or similar?
- What is the relationship to and perception of energy among consumers who are self-sufficient in energy? e.g. on permaculture and organic farms, in Tiny Houses, on wagon yards, in allotments, etc.?

If you are interested, please contact us by email and we will arrange a consultation.

Research Interests:

  • Sociological theory, esp. actor-network theory, posthumanism, pragmatism, phenomenology, theories of practice, neomaterialisms.
  • Economic and energy sociology, critical consumer research
  • Political ecology and environmental sociology
  • Sociology of science and technology (STS)
  • Sociology of participation and design

since 06/2021 - Doctoral studies in Sociology at the Department of Social Sciences as well as member of the doctoral program "Socio-technical Design Competence in the Digital Society" of the Scientific Center for Information Technology Design at the University of Kassel.

since 04/2020 - Research assistant in the department "Sociological Theories" at the University of Kassel.

2017-2020 - Studies of Sociology and Computer Science at the University of Kassel, degree M.A. Sociology.

2017-2018 - Collaboration at the Institute for Participative Design in Oldenburg, Germany.

2016-2017 - Training as a mediator according to the standards of the German Mediation Association in Hannover

2013-2017 - Studied sociology, politics, public law and administrative sciences at the University of Münster, graduated with a B.A. in sociology/politics


- Mid-level representative in the faculty council of the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Kassel (since 10/2021) - Member of the board of directors of the Scientific Center for Information Technology Design at the University of Kassel (12/2020-10/2022)

    Dissertation Project: "Designing Response-Able Futures - Patterns of Responsive Design of Intelligent Energy Systems" (Working Title)

    The dissertation project is dedicated to the design of intelligent or self-sustaining systems and asks for patterns of their responding and answering design. It does so by contrasting two cases: 1.) The design of intelligent power grids (so-called smart grids). These are infrastructures that control themselves through information and communication technologies, thereby linking natural (planetary, climatological), technical and social practices. And 2.) the design of self-sustaining energy systems in the case of permaculture design. The paper thereby asks how a generalized practice-sociological concept of designing (of futures, of systems, infrastructures, ...) can be formulated. It does so on the basis of the tension lines of future orientation, justification, and relationality, and argues for a concept of responsible shaping as responsive or answerable action. The question of the paper is: How is responsibility produced in the design of self-sustaining energy systems? And: What does it mean to design such systems in a way that responds to the future and is responsible for the future?


    Lamla, Jörn/Roschka, Jakob (2021): Konsum. In: Endreß, Martin/Rampp, Benjamin (Hg.): Handbuch Politische Soziologie. Baden-Baden: Nomos (forthcoming).


    Roschka, Jakob: "Each World Has its Participation." - Mapping the Social Worlds of Energy System Design in Germany as Contexts of Participation. Panel presentation. STS Conference Graz, Session: "The context-dependency of conflict and participation issues in the energy transition", Graz, 02.-04.05.2022.

    Roschka, Jakob: Methods as In/Formation of Practice, Patterns of Response-Ability in the Case of Agile Software Engineering. Workshop presentation. The Un/Making of Forms, Formographic inquiries into practice, accountability, and infra-critique. International workshop organized by Ingmar Lippert and Susann Wagenknecht, Dresden, 02.-03.09.2021.

    Kocksch, Laura/Laser, Stefan/Pittroff, Fabian/Roschka, Jakob/Sørensen, Estrid: Inquiring the digital interstice through a data sprint: Ethnographic research where front and back end meet, Workshop. Materialist Informatics Conference. Kassel, 23-25.03.2020.