Completed Projects

The project explores how algorithmically based collections, classifications, and interpretations of data can perpetuate and irritate, if not rewrite, existing social inequalities/discriminations.

VW-funded interdisciplinary research project of the departments Gender/Diversity in Informatics Systems (University of Kassel), Theory and Practice of Visual Communication (Kassel University of Art), Sociology of Diversity (University of Kassel).

The project aims to collect the views and assessments of young people and their definitions of "normality" with regard to sexuality and violence and to incorporate them into the development of protection concepts.

BMBF joint project of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences, the Foundation University Hildesheim, the Landshut University of Applied Sciences and the University of Kassel.

The project is dedicated to the initiatives, programs, and organizations of refugee work as well as the engagement that emerged from them and asks how social cohesion stabilizes, erodes, and reconfigures itself in the context of current crises (including state control, the erosion of the basic democratic consensus, and representation via the mode of citizenship).

BMBF joint project of the Universities of Tübingen, Osnabrück and Kassel.

In teaching and research, the junior professorship focuses on aspects of the professionalization of educational personnel and organizational development. Thus, structural and personal factors are in the focus of the discussion about the establishment of a professional and ethically reflective competence in institutions of the educational and social sector.

The joint project focuses on sexualized violence among young people in youth and youth association work. The aim is to show what young people experience as a disregard for their personal boundaries and in what form this sexualized transgression is expressed.

The project will establish and intensify a dialog between the disciplines in the field of migration and gender studies. In addition, the development of curricula and the exchange of teaching and learning methods will be strengthened through guest lectureships and the joint treatment of the topic of "migration, gender and health" in teaching, thus ultimately contributing to the internationalization of teaching.