Be­atrice Blümer, M.A.


Dis­ser­ta­tion pro­ject

The Liber insularum Archipelagi by Cristoforo Buondelmonti 
The Liber insularum Archipelagi, a knowledge compendium by Cristoforo Buondelmonti, established the genre known as isolarii and sparked cartographic interest in the world of the Aegean islands. The present doctoral project takes this work, created in 1418, and the variations produced up to 1642 as an opportunity to examine the cultural models of thought that it reflects, against the background of the underlying culture of knowledge and the constantly changing geopolitical positions in the Mediterranean region. This is based on a conceptual text-image analysis of the 65 Latin versions of the work. The dissertation aims to explore the transmission of knowledge in text and image to identify the lines of tradition of the individual copies. Conclusively, new interpretative approaches will be developed to shed light on the manuscript copying tradition of the late Middle Ages and the emergence of the culture of knowledge within the Mediterranean region.