Development and Postcolonial Studies Working Paper Series

The Development and Postcolonial Studies (DPS) Working Paper Series is published by the Department for Development and Postcolonial Studies at the University of Kassel. It provides a forum for innovative research and current debates on the topics of development studies, postcolonial studies, and their intersection.

Sixth edition, April 2019
"The legitimation of expulsion in development discourse.
A comparative analysis of World Bank projects in sub-Saharan Africa"
Aram Ziai

Fifth edition, July 2018
"In Search for a Decolonizing Actor: Contradictions Between Brazilian State Policies and Social Emancipation of Quilombolas"
Tereza Ventura

Fourth edition, March 2016
"Partnership and cooperation in Haiti: Clashes of reality and construction"
Julia Schöneberg

Third edition, December 2015
"Re-Reading Amartya Sen from the Andes:
Exploring the Ethical contributions of Indigenous Philosophies"
Ana Estefanía Carballo

Second edition, October 2015
"World Bank Inspection Panel and civil society protest: Glocalization of accountability? The case of the Kwabenya landfill project in Ghana"
Aram Ziai

First edition, March 2015
"The contribution of discourse analysis to development studies"
Aram Ziai