International semester stays

All cooperations with partner universities at the department and at the University of Kassel as a whole, through which you could receive a student exchange place, can be found in the MoveOn database "Exchange places for students" of the University of Kassel!

Consultation on planning international stays

Nomaswazi Mthombeni
and Madita Rabe
Research/Student Assistant
Team Internationales FB05

Nora-Platiel Str. 1 Room 3301 a

The office hour takes place via Zoom. Please make an appointment via email.

Office hours: Fridays 9am-3pm


Erasmus Stays

An Erasmus stay is a good way to make a stay abroad a reality. Within the framework of the programme, you will not only receive a place at the partner university of your choice, but also a mobility grant.
You can find more information about the cooperations of FB05, the application process and the mobility grant on the pages of the International Office.

At FB05, uniform deadlines apply for all Erasmus cooperations (except Sport)

For stays in the winter semester: 31 December
For stays in the summer semester: 30 June

Please also note the allocation of remaining places. More information on the application procedure in the Infosheet.

Faculty Cooperations

In addition to the Erasmus cooperation programmes, FB05 has a number of faculty cooperations. You can also find an overview of these in the MoveOn database (select programme: partner university). For further information on the requirements and application procedures, please contact the respective cooperation officer directly.


Furthermore, it is also possible for you to organise a stay abroad outside of existing cooperation agreements. We will be happy to check whether a cooperation extension or a cooperation agreement is possible. Therefore, please contact us or the International Office if you are planning a stay abroad as a freemover. We will support you as much as possible.

Common doubts and concerns

Many doubts can definitely be cleared up, because there are various funding possibilities, information and many people to contact. Here, at the Faculty FB05, at the International Office and also at the university outside Germany where you might want to study.

Isn't that too expensive? Can I afford semester stays at universities in countries other than Germany? Will I then lag behind with my studies? Isn't it an enormous organisational effort? I won't be accepted anyway.

Will I lose my social connections in Kassel? Will I make friends during my international studies? Will my studies there be too demanding or not demanding enough? Will I learn the content I expect there? How will I be perceived socially there? How might I be confronted differently with the privileges and discrimination I experience here?

All questions that come up when you are considering an international academic stay are important and legitimate thoughts and feelings. That's why dealing with them is always part of the process - when planning or deciding whether you want to go abroad.

Testimonials and personal advice will help you to clear up any doubts and concerns you may have:


To get an impression of a university, a city or an international academic stay, you can view testimonials of your predecessors on Moodle! To read them, you need an account at the University of Kassel, but no enrollment key.


The Team International at FB05 advises you on all questions regarding your international semester stay.

We complement the advice of the International Office and the cooperation officers and, if necessary, direct you to the right place. We accompany you as much or as little as you want and need.

The cooperation officers advise you on all subject-related questions, e.g. on course selection and credit transfer. They are also responsible for the application process and the Learning Agreement.

The International Office advises on all organisational questions regarding the course of your stay and financing.