Current Admission Cycle (Winter Semester 2021)

Dear Applicants,

The application deadlines for the current admission cycle are: 

Bachelor degree earned internationally: 1 July 2021

Bachelor degree earned in Germany: 15 July 2021

For international students who would like their application to be reviewed prior to the official submission to Uni-Assist or for students in need of a letter of preliminary suitability for scholarships, we offer the opportunity for you to send your full application for review. You will need to submit the following documents:

  • Statement of objectives/Motivation letter for studying GPE (in English) covering at minimum your academic background in the field, your career plans, your social-political experience and your interest in global political economy (3 pages max.);
  • Proof of one year of voluntary or paid practical social-political work (for example, in party politics, university politics or policy-oriented civil society organizations). You can prove your practical social-political work experience for example by submitting a certificate of participation in a project of a social-political organization or a formal letter from your (former or current) employer or supervisor that specifies the duration of your work and your duties.
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • All certificates proving the required command of the English language;
  • Official authentications of the following documents 
  1. Your certificates of studies and completion of studies listing all subjects and grades in the original language (Bachelor’s degree Certificate/Transcript)
  2. Your secondary school leaving certificate in its original language, including a listing of all subjects and grades (Secondary/High School Certificate/Transcript)
  3. Your university entrance examination certificate listing all subjects and grades in its original language (Typically Bachelor’s degree Certificate/Transcript)
  4. Translation of your documents, if the language of the mentioned certificates is not German or English. You are advised to contact the embassy or consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany on this matter. 
  • Applicants from China, Mongolia and Vietnam have to provide a successful APS test for their application to be considered.

For detailed information on the application procedure and requirements, please visit the link here.

If you graduate after the application deadline, please provide the latest version of your transcript together with a formal letter from your university stating your expected graduation date.

Please note: if you apply before obtaining your final degree certificate, you will have to present your BA certificate (or equivalent) to the Admissions Office at the University of Kassel upon your arrival in Kassel.