Teaching Staff
The following staff are part of the permanent faculty and offer courses on a regular basis in the programme.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Scherrer scherrer(at)

Dr. Jenna Marshall jenna.marshall(at)

Dr. Alexander Gallas alexandergallas(at)

Anil Shah shah(at)

Prof. Dr. Aram Ziai ziai(at)

Current Guest Lecturers

Dr. Melehat Kutun                    

Dr. Tolga Tören

Ali Riza Gürgen

Dr. Emre Gömeç

Dr. Rirhandu Mageza-Barthel

Prof Dr. Praveen Jha

Gaye Yilmaz

Pavlos Roufos

Dr. Maddalena Marinari

Prof. Dr. Devan Pillay

Dr. Matthias Kranke


Former Guest Lecturers

Prof. Engy Abdelkader

Dr. Nicolas Pons-Vignon

Prof. Meenakshi Rajeev

Prof. Rebecca Ramos

Dr. Rajnish Rai

Dr. Vishwas Satgar

Prof. Carlos Salas

Prof. Eleonor Faur

Prof. Victor Ojakorotu

Dr. Nandita Mondal

Dalilah Reuben-Shemia

Dr. Julia Schöneberg

Xiao (Alvin) Yang

Former Members
Over the years, a number of scholars from throughout the world have played a critical role in shaping this programme. Therefore, we would like to acknowledge their contributions to the programme.

Dr. Ilker Ataç

Prof. Dr. Paulo Baltar

Prof. Dr. William Baah-Boateng

Dr. Stefan Beck

Dr. Michael Dellwing

Prof. Dr. Frank Fischer

Prof. Dr. Christoph Görg

Prof. Dr. Gachao He

Dr. Frank Klobes

Prof. Dr. Beatrice Knerr

Prof. Dr. Eugenia Leone

Dr. Janne Mende

Christian Möllmann

Prof. Dr. Bernd Reiter

Prof. Dr. Sabine Ruß

Prof. Dr. Stephanie Schütze

Prof. Dr. Helen Schwenken

Prof. Dr. Christa Wichterich

Prof. Dr. Michelle Williams

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Wöhl