Living and studying in Kassel

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The following page contains a few links to information which may be useful when studying in Kassel. Although we make every effort to ensure that these links are to appropriate web pages, we are not responsible for the content of these linked web pages.

Language centre

The Language Centre at the university offers many course programs for different languages. If you want to improve your German skills or learn another more exotic language, feel free to visit the courses of the Language Centre.

Sport facilities

The university offers a wide-range of sporting activities and programs for students. There are many possibilities to keep fit and enjoy yourself whilst studying.


The University has six different libraries which provide access to the core resources for study during the GPE program (also in English). The main library is located near the "Hollaendischer Platz" and is very close to the department of political science.

University Computer Centre

The University Computer Centre offers a lot of computer course programs for students. The centre also maintains a computer pool for students and notebooks can be loaned for coursework or presentations. A WLAN provides internet access across the campus.

Online Lecture Timetable

The online databasee contains a description of all lectures which are offered during the semester:

GPE resources

Kassel Student Services

Student Services is in charge of all the formalities at the University- application, acceptance, matriculation, student registration etc., as well as providing a student advisory service.

Information for Exchange Students

Student committees

A good starting point for students interested in student university policy is AStA's (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss) website.

Student health insurance

All students- including international students- are required to have health insurance in Germany . The student price for insurance is about 54 € per month. Here are a few of the insurance options in Kassel:


Student Administration

When you need further information, feel free to visit the website of the Student Administration. This website provides a general view of the different facilities at the University (there is link for International Students)


Other international courses of study