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Manuel Neumann: Research Associate. Research areas: Critical Political Economy, Energy Markets in the global South, Global Energy Governance, Emerging Markets. More here.

Carsten Elsner: Research Associate. Research areas: Political Economy of energy transition, Global production networks in renewables, Power and dependence in global value chains, Energy and its implications for development strategies, Renewable and fossil energy trade offs, Mixed research methods. More here.

Dr. Simone Claar: Post-doctoral Researcher; leads together with Dr. Franziska Müller this junior research group GLOCALPOWER. Research focus: Comparative capitalism, Materialist state theory, Class analysis, International Political Economy, Trade, Labour and Development, Capitalism in emerging markets (BICS), Political Economy of South Africa, Zambia. More here

Ellie Gunesch: Project Administration; coordinates various processes in the GLOCALPOWER-Project and is responsible for finances, publication management, personnel administration and travel planning, a.o. More here.

Dr. Franziska Müller: Political Scientist and leader of the GLOCALPOWER research group, together with Dr. Simone Claar. Research Areas: International Relations Theory (poststructuralist, constructivist and postcolonial approaches), Global environmental governance and global governmentality, International development cooperation, EU-Africa relations - Emerging Powers/Emerging Donors, Qualitative research (discourse analysis, ethnography, network analysis). More here.

Nomaswazi Mthombeni: t.b.a.

Tobias Kalt: Associate member of the research project. Research Areas: Political Ecology, Environmental Labor Studies, Environmental and climate policy, Socio-ecological transformation, Just Transition. More here.