25.06.2022 | Kunst und Ökonomien

Black Tent Meetings: Eurasian Geopoetics

25.06.2022,14:00 Uhr, Karlswiese, Black Tent

The Black Tent Meetings by lumbung artists Cao Minghao & Chen Jianjun in collaboration with lumbung member INLAND and lumbung artists MADEYOULOOK is a series of events that reflects on grass, sandification, pikas, yaks, black beaches, and global environmental crises. Such reflections correspond to the gesture of making nature a subject of constitutional rights, such as in the 2008 constitution of Ecuador, thereby challenging the anthropocentric principle of the modern constitution. The concept of the black tent carries a similar concern. By connecting multiple actors, it can reactivate existing resources. In this sense, the black tent is an existing form rather than an invention for the future.

At once a geographical and geopolitical space, Eurasia offers us rich narrative resources. These imaginations form a geo-poetics of Eurasia. With it, we can resist nationalistic and anthropocentric narratives by constantly mapping, remapping, and unmapping. At the Eurasian Geopoetics edition of the Black Tent Meetings, ancient technology informs technological practices to come. Ontology of land, body and the spiritual realm recompose in the light of unabating transformations.



Dr. Mi You
Fernando Garcia Dory
Molemo Moiloa and Nare Mokgotho
Ren Hai


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