03.12.2022 | Kunst und Ökonomien

EXCHANGES // Cross-cultural Curation In And Beyond Asia

Conversation | 3. Dezember 2022

Join us for the fifth iteration of EXCHANGES — a conversation with Davide Quadrio, Director of the Museum of Asian Art (MAO) in Turin and You Mi, Professor of Art and Economies at the University of Kassel / documenta Institut.

Convened by CFCCA Director Xiaowen Zhu, Quadrio and You will contextualise their rich and dynamic practice of curating contemporary art — critically reflecting the ‘global China’ framework and identifying the challenges cultural practitioners face in today’s shifting geopolitical environment.

Quadrio and You have both conceived numerous curatorial and research projects, constituting new perspectives of the cultural environment, from China to Asia and the rest of the world, rather than focusing on border-defined nations. This conversation resonates with CFCCA’s ongoing quest for alternative ways to understand contemporary East and Southeast Asian art and culture.

This event is part of EXCHANGES, a series of public programmes to make space for artists and communities as the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art undergoes a period of transformation and growth. EXCHANGES refers to the movement of people, places, ideas, materials, emotions, memories, resources, possibilities, and hopes. They are a series of dialogues that aim to metabolise collective energies and contribute to a forum of communal expression.

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