EuG offers different teaching formats such as design projects, seminars, excursions and lectures as part of the bachelor's and master's degree program. An overarching annual theme provides an associative framework for the various courses offered.

The lecture focuses on the complex interrelationships of space_user_program . Historical, current and visionary examples and concepts serve as a stimulus to sharpen the view for future scenarios and tasks in architecture. The development of a critical attitude of the students in relation to architecture and its social context plays an essential role.

In project work, students are challenged to explore the endless possibilities of "thinking space" and what space could be, and to place them in a social discourse. EuG teaches tools and methods, but not recipes. The design process is something very personal and is accompanied within the project work and supported by "working with all means", with analog and digital tools. The aim is to design buildings and programs for a "living city of the future", to make them visible and to put them up for discussion.

EuG offers a one-year design research immersion for MA students. In the immersion seminar in WiSe, basic principles for the design of the profile project in SeSe are developed. The profile project is accompanied by the research seminar Narrative. EUG DR/MA Deepening Tree and Space

The excursion serves the discursive, collaborative experience and discovery of architecture. In addition, we force the confrontation with the spatial and social context on site and the possibility to act on site.

The seminars serve to deepen specific topics of building theory and design through research, analysis and experimentation, as well as the visualization of ideas. The seminars are usually designed to accompany project work and are also offered in compact form as workshops.

EuG supervises student research projects, BPS, Bachelor and Master theses within the scope of its range of topics by individual arrangement. Applications take place in advance with exposé and portfolio.