Cam­pus Bike Can­opy

The campus of University of Kassel at the ‘Holländischen Platz‘ has various spaces for bicycle stands. Out of this resulted the design task for a bike canopy. The development of a light and structural optimized canopy offers – beside its creative potential – the potential to take into account the growing importance of resource-saving material usage. From the department of structural systems, we already have good previous knowledges about the development and realization of thin shell structures and experience with their design and calculation methods as well as with the assembly of prefabricated elements. The use of digital design tools and the simulation and optimization of the structural behaviour were part of the project.
The intention of the design is a system for a canopy for the entire campus of University of Kassel at ‘Holländischer Platz’. The developed system (genotype) should be able to adapt to specific, local conditions and to different requirements regarding quantity and arrangement of bicycle stands.  The design was finalized and detailed for one location (phenotype) – for example at the east side of the building K10. As a result, a mock-up was built to proof the constructability. 

supervision: Prof. Manfred Grohmann, Philipp Eisenbach, Moritz Rumpf
participants: Betül Adir, Martin Becker, Alexander Belov, Sufian Beshbesh, Chung-Yao Chen, Meryem-Nur Deveci, Vivien Donhauser, Daniel Guenther, Franziska Klein, Denitsa Koleva, Jannik Kratzenberg, Patrik Kurbanovic, Fatma Leylek, Kinda Mahfoud, Jan Schäfer, Nadine Schupke und Stefanie Umbach