Con­crete Form­work Sys­tems

The seminar dealt with research on sustainable and reusable concrete formwork for complex geometries. The research focus of the seminar tackled areas where standardised formwork options can only be used at high material and financial cost - if at all - and created perspectives for new and sustainable approaches to solutions.
In the first step, practical experimental strategies for the development of sustainable concrete formwork methods were developed in individual and group work and taught to collect, process, document and evaluate data under scientific aspects. The only limiting parameter - in the development of the formwork - was the demand for: "zero waste". No waste, no wastage of raw materials and energies and full efficiency through reusability - without compromise.
The seminar followed the path from the idea to digitalisation to the production (with the help of digital production tools) of sustainable formwork elements. An elementary component was the acquisition of digital design and production tools and their application knowledge, which was imparted via workshops.

supervision: Prof. Manfred Grohmann, Anne Liebringshausen