Dan­cing Struc­tures

The task in the project 'Dancing Structures' in the summer semester 2017 was to design an object that dancers could engage with. These structures should be used as a as scenery, room or props for a dance event. There were no predefined requirement in regards to size or function. Rather, the requirements and possibilities should be explored together with two dancers in the design process.

However, three design principles and production methods were proposed:
  1. force-fit, linear wood joints that can be crafted using a 5-axis router.
  2. concrete formwork from (curved-) folded sheet material, which gains its rigidity against the concretes hydrostatic pressure through its geometry
  3. sustainable und reusable formwork – from sand and wax – for sophisticated concrete geometries. The formwork shall be produces using multi-axis CNC-milling.

supervision: Prof. Manfred Grohmann, Anne Liebringshausen, Matthieu Götz, Moritz Rumpf
participants: Ali Amirsoleimani, Finn Cawalla, Emanuel Cojocariu, Larissa Deutsch, Tim Ehmer, Harun Faizi, Sinah Frank, Andreas Goebert, Sinah Hackenberg, Hannah Hagedorn, Tina Heidenreich, Lisa-Marie Horn, Selsela Khorasani, Edwin Koch, Luisa Koeniger, Lara Lepper, Ruitong Li, Bahareh Mojtahednazari, Marie Müller, Linus Netzband, Milad Ranjbari, Julia Rudolph, Fridtjof Schmidt, Doreen Schmidt, Juliane Stehl, Celine Stemmelen, Valerie Wieczorek und Jiaqi Xu