Ex­cur­sion Switzer­land

In spring 2018, the structural design department went on a field trip to Switzerland. The focus of the excursion was on the consideration of digital design and production tools. To this end, architectural institutes of the university pioneers in this field, such as the University of Stuttgart and ETH Zurich, were visited to gain an insight into the state of research and to discuss current research questions.

participants: George Albity, Anne Effenberger, Vanessa Fricke, Qi Hu, Alisa-Sophie Jung, Inka Kothe, Marie Müller, Annabell Nehrlich, Sarah Nickel, Bella Novitasari, Anastasia Proreschnew, Eva Rohland, Angela Rybacki, Ke Shi, Marina Timon, Adrian Üffing, Caozhilin Wang, Yao Wang, Helen Wenzel, Polina Yakusheva, Hanna Sentis, Anne Liebringshausen und Moritz Rumpf