Force and geometry are the two critical factors in the implementation of load bearing structures. Alongside functional and aesthetic considerations, they are of major importance during the design process. Form finding is extremely common strategy in engineering design to discover utility-maximizing solutions to a set of constrains.
Aim of the workshop is to provide brief overview on different form-finding and simulation methods and introduce an interactive form finding tool. The brief overview of the mathematical background enables the participants to understand and evaluate the applicability and limits of each method.
As result of the workshop, students have opportunity to achieve supplementary credits by submitting a handout project. A complete and elaborate description of the handout including material, structure, methods should be illustrated and substantiated using sketches, drawings, diagrams and 3d digital model.

supervision: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Julian Lienhard, M. Sc. Seyed Mobin Moussavi
students: Alexandra Zhukov, Lukas Gräf, Majd Al Khaiyat, Masoumeh Shahparast, Philipp Kast