Fulda Bridge Wolf­sanger

Located in eastern Kassel the district Sandershausen shall be connected with the district Bossental and the Fuldatalstraße for pedestrians and cyclists. Therefor the Wolfangerstraße will be extended in order to strengthen the bike trail R1. For this a 70 meter long high tide adaptable pedestrian and cyclist bridge must be designed. This bridge shall attract attention by its smart construction but shall be cautious toward the nature at the same time. Besides the design and the construction the focus will be on the level of details of the bridge. Furthermore the fact that this bridge will cross through a flooding outflow zone is an important design criteria. 

supervision: Prof. Manfred Grohmann, Philipp Eisenbach
participants: Adrian Golab, Peter Schmidt, Witali Suchan, Julia van der Vorst, Cynthia Ward