High-Rise Cam­pan­ile Frank­furt

The junction of all public transportations at the central station in Frankfurt shall be analyzed as a location for a new highrise point in the urban context. The high-rise master plan provides this site for a high-rise building. The central bus station which is linked to the central station must be integrated in the design. Beside this residential and office spaces shall be considered as well as services i.e. shop or catering spaces. In the lower levels underground parking and technical and storage space shall be considered.  The building is suposed to be a landmark that integrates in the skyline as a new highlight. Designing a high-rise building means to not only consider the direct urban context but also the distant effects of the whole volume. The position at the site can be chosen design dependent. 

supervision: Prof. Manfred Grohmann, Philipp Eisenbach, Christopher Hammerschmidt
participants: Alaa Hattab, Eunjae Jung, Jennifer Koßmann, Thomas Muhs, Ernesto Mulch, Stefan Niggemeyer, Elena Oberdoerfer, Kristina Poliwzew, Alexander Rehbein, Bianka Rybczynski, Said Hussein Sadat, Hermann Schwabe, Daniel Stalb