COVID-19 pandemic has clearly demonstrated how global supply chains may be inadequate to meet supply during a massive surge. The main objective of the project is to create a DIY safe environment using an open-source digital tool to generate design and fabrication files based on the available HEPA filter and DC-powered fans in the local market.
'Kabiyon' is a research project started at Universität Kassel in collaboration with University of Guam and The Weingarten Institute for Neuroscience, Inc. to develop a low budget and readily available DIY solution for low pressure cells in hospitals. Hospitals often have insufficient facilities to provide isolation for large numbers of patients with airborne infectious diseases at one time. Without adequate environmental controls, patients with airborne infectious diseases pose a risk to other patients and health care workers. The whole unit consists of a venting machine and an isolation canopy. The key element is the creation of a negative pressure environment which maintains the flow of clean air from the environment through the isolation unit and filters the air prior to venting it back into the clean environment. The prototypes made from inexpensive products and materials have been tested to validate the functionality of the system based on CDC guidelines.
On an architectural scale, students from the University of Kassel have further developed the system to enable group works on the campus through filtering the air in the open umbrella canopy. The canopy has a basic construction and consists of wooden sticks and a translucent plastic (PPE) into a spatial. Both the production of the filter module and the umbrella, as well as the installation in the space, are inexpensive and simple. The canopies can be reused again as a shading system after the pandemic. The assembled canopies on the campus follow the regulations of the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts by considering the 1.5 meters distance between students with mouth and nose protection. If you are in need to build the same for your educational, cultural or restaurant space visit kabiyon.com for more information. Hospital tests are under way and will be released soon together with the digital fabrication data to match locally availabel HEPA filters and PC fans.

supervision: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Julian Lienhard, M. Sc. Seyed Mobin Moussavi
students: B.Sc. Tim-Henrik Ehmer, B.Sc David Leander Kaiser, B.Sc Clemens Rapp, B.Sc Max Maurer, M. Sc. Kim Marie Müller, B.Sc. Fridtjof Schmidt