Residential High-Rise Frankfurt

High-rise apartment buildings are currently the talk of the town. This is also the case in Frankfurt am Main, where there is a huge demand for inner-city housing on the one hand, and a high economic pressure for development on the other.
The so called ‘Hochhausentwicklungsplan’ (high-rise development plan) from 2008 identifies a site in the northern city centre for a residential tower on a property (Stiftstraße / Katzenpforte) with still existing buildings. Here, a high-rise of 60-100m shall be built in order to complement the surrounding high-rises (High-rise cluster northern city centre). For the development of the property, the city of Frankfurt has formulated the objective to create housing for various groups of the population. Thus, the desired housing mix should enable a variety of apartment- and household-sizes as well as subsidized housing. In the lower storeys the program should be complemented with public uses, such as catering and retail.
The organization of manifold apartment layouts with the specific consideration of them being situated above the surrounding buildings (view, orientation) was of particular importance, as well as the vertical circulation (planning of an efficient core). Another focus was on the load bearing structure and issues of bracing against the determining horizontal loads in a high-rise. Last but not least, urban planning aspects played a central role. On the one hand the buildings appearance as a future part of the Frankfurt skyline. And on the other hand, the way the high-rise is embedding within the currently rapidly changing immediately adjacent urban environment. Questions of public or semi-public spaces above the street level were not disregarded.

supervision: Prof. Manfred Grohmann, Anne Liebringshausen, Moritz Rumpf
participants: Anne Haase, Tuan Tai Truong, Stefanie Umbach, Katja Brakowski, Robert Joksch, Fabian Ritter von Streitberg, Seher Ergisi, Nour Khristin, Qiuhai Lin, Yifan Zhang, Shuwei Zhong, Fabian Jerusalem, Piet Jörg, Philipp Nolte, Analee Barth, Pedro Santos Correa, Amin Estanboli, Firat Altun, Walaa Nezam, Mahmoud Alshawa, Hazal Degirmenci, Runming Liu, Sascha Saidani, Patricia Majluf Irusta, Bella Novitasari, Wajd Hammadeh und Chen Ma