Stable Equi­lib­rium

In our research approach of the segmented mobile we want to give an idea of the wide spectrum of opportunities of post-tensioned slender concrete structures. The segmented system derives from the modularization for transport of the prefab elements and an efficient and accurate assembly on site. 
The chosen material is DUCON®, which stands for DUctile CONcrete. It is a composite material of a high-performance concrete and a micro reinforcement of steel wire meshes stapled layer wise over the entire cross section. In between the mesh reinforcement, hulls for post-tensioning cables are cast in the concrete. These cables are manufactured with screw-threads on both ends that allow setting the post-tensioning by tightening the screw nuts. 
The mobile shows the possibility to design structures from an initially heavy material that appears to be light and floating. The developed system allows a quick and accurate assembly on site; the only tool required will be an open end spanner to set the post-tensioning and to fix the suspension cables.

picture "Mobile 01":  Stefanie Pretnar
Team: Prof. Manfred Grohmann, Philipp Eisenbach, Magdalena Hellmann, Moritz Rumpf
with generous support from: DUCON Europe GmbH, ARNOLD AG, Carl Stahl GmbH, AMPA – Amtliche Materialprüfanstalt 

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