Stock­holm Sum­mer School

Stockholm Summer School on designing and building computationally informed concrete structures.  The collaborative research project Concrete Performance seeks to revisits thin, form-active concrete structure through the use of computational design tools that are capable of simulating structural and material behaviour. The aim is to thoroughly explore the geometric solution space for concrete cast membrane systems and develop a dynamic and adaptable formwork system that allows for a responsible use of materials. 
The two-week workshop Stockholm Summer School was held with students from Stockholm and Kassel in order to produced large scale prototypes of concrete structures and novel formwork systems. 

supervision: Prof. Manfred Grohmann, Philipp Eisenbach, Moritz Rumpf (Universität Kassel) und Prof. Oliver Tessmann, Prof. Jonas Runberger (KTH Stockholm) und Topi Äikäs (CONSOLIS Finland)
participants: Carlotta Brucker, Adrian Golab, Zijian Han, Denitsa Koleva, Jannik Kratzenberg, Svenja Krieg, Florian Reichmann, Witali Suchan and Cynthia Ward (Universität Kassel) and Lison Bader, Natalia Daukszewicz, Uuf Edgren, Felipe Saul Franco Franco, Mimmi Gustafsson, Benjamin Onoszko, Francesca Pernigotti und Michelle Vallomy (KTH Stockholm)

Tessmann, O.; Rumpf, M.; Eisenbach, P.; Grohmann, M.; Äikäs, T.: Negotiate My Force Flow – Designing with dynamic concrete formwork; Complexity & Simplicity - Proceedings of the 34th eCAADe Conference - Volume 1, Oulu (Finland), August 2016, pp. 93-102