Structural Surface

The project ‘structural surface’ was both a research project as well as an educational attempt. 
Seeking to design, execute the detailed planning and build a structure by students within one semester is a huge challenge on one hand, but fuels the students’ motivation extraordinary on the other hand. 
Realizing a structure doesn’t allow hiding or blurring any unsolved details and offers therefore the possibility to learn about aspects of the profession not dealt with in conventional design studios. The work in a team is a further valuable experience. 

supervision: Prof. Manfred Grohmann, Philipp Eisenbach, Moritz Rumpf and Ragunath Vasudevan
participants: Shahram Abbasian, Leon Charlet, Harun Faizi, Jessica Fröse, Adrian Golab, Christoph Herlitze, Denitsa Koleva, Michael Korn, Jannik Kratzenberg, Svenja Krieg, Nils Kühn, Jakob Leppin, Nora Levsen, Alexander Lischke, Yiyang Liu, Henrik Neusüß, Laura Nolte, Richard Pfeiffer, Tim Reichert, Florian Reichmann, Jan Niklas Rieckmann, Aliaksei Rybalchanka, Julia-Yvonne Scharf, Andreas Steffen, Witali Suchan, Cynthia Ward und Serge Well
cooperation partner: FB14 – Bauingenieurwesen / FG Massivbau, FB14 – Bauingenieurwesen / FG Werkstoffe des Bauwesens und Bauchemie
sponsors: DUCON Europe GmbH & Co.KG, Max Frank GmbH & Co. KG, Pfeiffer-Stiftung für Architektur 

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