Triple Sports Hall

The city of Kassel together with the University of Kassel is planning to build a new sports hall with three meargeable fields and seating for 199 spectators. The new building will have a gross floor area of approximately 2.700m2 comprising the playing field with the overall dimension of 27m x45m and its corresponding changing rooms, wash rooms, tool sheds, circulation area, etc. The site is neighbouring an existing sports hall close to the Aue-Stadium at the edge of the Auepark. 
Right now there is actually a real non-open architectural competition going on. In our BA-project entitled “27 x 45 x 7 – A new sports hall for Kassel” we want to pick up this exciting task. Organising the circulation as well as allocating the space program are amongst the challenges of this assignment. Moreover, we will have a particular focus on wide spanning structures – an attribute of halls in general. 

supervision: Prof. Manfred Grohmann, Philipp Eisenbach, Moritz Rumpf
participantsTorben Best, Florian Bley, Marco Bolloni, Finn Cawalla, Nina Förster, Annika Funke, Pauline Gleichner, Hannah Hagedorn, Jana Hofmann, Philipp Kern, Ann-Sharon Klein, Oliver Klinkenberg, Nicolaj Koehler, Evgenij Liebert, Alexander Lisboa, Katharina Mertens, Marian Muenstermann, Can Oturak, Julian Pfaar, Clarissa Rauch, Friedrich Rauh, Martin Ruehlmann, Emilia Wagner und Jacob Wolf