Dipl. Des. Samuel Korn

Address Universitätsplatz 9
34127 Kassel
Gebäude: Neubau ASL 1
Room Raum 3115
Telephone +49 561 804- 3763
Telefax +49 561 804- 3267

Sprechstunde: mittwochs 13:00 - 14:00 Uhr (nach Terminvereinbarung)

Samuel Korn is a researcher in architectural and curatorial design, focussing on postwar architecture, art and architecture exhibitions as well as the development of the exhibition and museum culture as we know it today. He is a research assistant at University of Kassel (ASL, Theory of Architecture and Architectural Design), where he also teaches. His PhD research is focused on the development of the exhibition series documenta and its expansions into the urban fabric. Curatorial projects include MAN transFORMS: The Documents (co-curated with Laurent Stalder) at ETH Zurich in 2016 and a collaboration with Wilfried Kuehn for Alles ist Architektur at Museum Abteiberg and Hollein at MAK Vienna in 2014.