M.Sc. Gregor Grünkorn

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter | Fachgebiet Tragwerksentwurf

Grünkorn, Gregor
+49 561 804-7162
+49 561 804-3267
Universitätsplatz 9
34109 Kassel
Universitätsplatz 9, ASL 1, Raum 3118

Curriculum Vitae  (M.Sc. Gregor Grünkorn)

Background and Degree
Gregor Grünkorn is currently a research assistant at the Department of Structural Design (TWE) at the University of Kassel. Gregor Grünkorn studied architecture at the University of Kassel. In his Master studies, he was a part of different Projects especially in architecture, fine arts and landscape planning. After his Master degree in architecture with focus on project development, he started to work as a freelancer. Among others he worked for well-known architecture office in Kassel and clients in Nordhessen, Niedersachsen and Hamburg. At the Department of Structural Design (TWE) he is enjoying to be a part of a wide spread team of architects and structural engineers. His focus is on the project City Climate Canopies: C³.