Mikroökonomik (Prof. Dr. Björn Frank)

"Mephistopheles tells the young student that theory is grey but the tree of life is green, and everyone quotes this as if it were Goethe's opinion, instead of what he supposes the devil would be likely to say to an undergraduate." Bertrand Russell


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Most of these pages are in English. Anything that is in German is unimportant for our international students.

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Here you can find recent working papers of our chair:

Christoph Bühren and Philip J. Steinberg: The impact of psychological traits on performance in sequential tournaments: Evidence from a tennis field experiment

Christoph Bühren and Stefan Krabel: Individual performance after success and failure - a natural experiment

Julija Michailova and Christoph Bühren: Money priming and social behavior of natural groups in simple bargaining and dilemma experiments

Christoph Bühren and Maria Daskalakis: Do not incentivize eco-friendly behavior - Go for a competition to go green!