Research: Publications

These are some of our recent publications

Please note that this is a selection compiled in August 2016. Three to four publications per chair, none older than 2013. Please turn to the chairs' individual homepages for full lists of publications!

Economic Behavior

Beckenbach, Frank, Maria Daskalakis & David Hofmann (2013), Agent-based modelling of novelty creating behavior and sectoral growth effects - Linking the creative and destructive side of innovation, Journal of Evolutionary Economics 22, 513-542.

Bischoff, Ivo & Krauskopf, Thomas (2015), Warm glow of giving collectively - An experimental study, Journals of Economic Psychology 51, 210-218.

Dannenberg, Astrid (2016), Nonbinding Agreements in Public Goods Experiments, Oxford Economic Papers (in press, doi: 10.1093/oep/gpv048)

Frank, Björn (2014), Laboratory Evidence on Face-to-Face: Why Experimental Ecomomics is of Interest to Regional Economists, International Regional Science Review 37, 411-435.

Frank, Björn & Stefan Krabel (2013), Gens una sumus?! – Or Does Political Ideology Affect Experts' Aesthetic Judgment of Chess Games?, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 92, 66-78.

Kube, Sebastian, Sebastian Schaube, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch & Elina Khachatryan (2015), Institution Formation and Cooperation with Heterogeneous Agents, European Economic Review, 78, 248-268.

Ohly, Sandra & Antje Schmitt (2015) What Makes us Enthusiastic, Angry, Feeling at Rest or Worried? Development and Validation of an Affective Work Events Taxonomy using Concept Mapping Methodology. Journal of Business and Psychology, 30, 15-35.

Schmitt, Antje, Deanne N. den Hartog & Frank D. Belschak (2016). Transformational leadership and proactive work behavior: A moderated mediation model including work engagement and job stress. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology.

Schmitt, Antje, Sandra Ohly & Nina Kleespies (in press). Time pressure promotes work engagement: Test of illegitimate tasks as boundary condition, Journal of Personnel Psychology.


Bischoff, Ivo & Blaeschke, Frédéric (2016), Performance Budgeting: Incentives and Social Waste From Window Dressing. Journal of Public Administriation Research and Theory 26(2), 344-358.

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Kosfeld, Reinhold, Arnt von Bodelschwingh, Franziska Gückelhorn, Armin Raatz, Matthias Wangelin, Thomas Duwe, Hanna Steinbrink & Manfred Miosga (2013), Regionalwirtschaftliche Effekte erneuerbarer Energien II - Einfluss der Regionalplanung und Raumordnung auf regionale Wertschöpfung, MVBS-Online-Publikation 22/2013, Hrsg.: Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Bau und Stadtentwicklung (BMVBS)

Michaelis, Jochen & Jakob Palek (2016): Optimal Monetary Policy in a Currency Union: Implications of Country-specific Financial Frictions, Credit and Capital Markets, 49(1): 1-36, (lead article).

Michaelis, Jochen & Marco de Pinto (2016): The Labor Market Effects of Trade Unions: Layard meets Melitz, International Economics and Economic Policy, 13(2): 223-232.

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Schubert, Christian (2014), Generalized Darwinism and the quest for an evolutionary theory of policy-making, Journal of Evolutionary Economics 24, 479-513.

Economic Behavior and Governance

Barrett, Scott & Astrid Dannenberg (2014), On the Sensitivity of Collective Action to Uncertainty about Climate Tipping Points, Nature Climate Change 4, 36–39.

Beckenbach, Frank (2014), Innovative behavioral approaches to analyse the incentives of environmental instruments, in: Beckenbach, Frank & Walter Kahlenborn, (eds.): New Perspectives for Environmental Policies through Behavioral Economics, Berlin, Springer, pp. 15-68.

Beckenbach, Frank & Walter Kahlenborn (eds.) (2016): New Perspectives for Environmental Policies througt Behavioral Economics, Berlin, Springer.

Bischoff, Ivo & Henrik Egbert (2013), Social information and bandwagon behavior in voting: an economic experiment, Journal of Economic Psychology 34, 270-284.

Bischoff, Ivo, Friedrich Heinemann & Tanja Hennighausen (2013), What makes me see inequality as just? Schmollers Jahrbuch 133, 1-21.

Blankenberg, Ann-Kathrin & Guido Buenstorf (2016), Regional co-evolution of firm population, innovation and public research? Evidence from the West German laser industry, Research Policy, 45(4), 857-868.

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Li, Sha, Christoph Bühren, Björn Frank & Haiying Qin (2015), Group Decision Making in a Corruption Experiment: China and Germany Compared, Journal of Economics and Statistics / Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik 235, 207-227.

Michaelis, Jochen & Benjamin Schwanebeck (2016): Examination Rules and Student Effort, Economics Letters, 145: 65-68.

Oberndorfer, Ulrich, Peter Schmidt, Marcus Wagner & Andreas Ziegler (2013), Does the Stock Market Value the Inclusion in a Sustainability Stock Index? An Event Study Analysis for German Firms, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 66, 497-509.

Schwirplies, Claudia & Andreas Ziegler (2016), Offset carbon emissions or pay a price premium for avoiding them? A cross-country analysis of motives for climate protection, Applied Economics, 48(9), 746-758.

Ziegler, Andreas (2014), Disentangling Technological Innovations: A Micro-Econometric Analysis of their Determinants, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management (forthcoming).