• Lang-Rehburg, Nele:
    Development of support and teaching concepts for the establishment and integration of technical teaching content in the curriculum at grammar schools.

  • Müller, Petra:
    Influencing factors of sufficiency-oriented lifestyles.

  • Pfeiffer, Malena:
    In-company training for sustainable regional development?! A qualitative study in training companies on the self-image and contribution to sustainable regional development in rural areas.

  • Scheiding, Christian:
    Sustainability-relevant behaviour of employees in the public sector - Documentary reconstruction of action practices.

  • Dr. Giese, Eva-Regina (2023):

    Investigation of variables influencing the quality of results in acoustic resonance analysis using rotationally symmetric lamellae beams.

  • Dr. Wenner, Timo (2022):
    Interaction of learning location cooperation and training quality from the perspective of trainees - an empirical study in the field of industrial-technical training occupations.
  • Dr. Glugla, Markus (2018):
    Fundamentals and applicability of magneto-adaptronic transducers (MATs) on ferromagnetic materials for active sound and vibration reduction.
  • Dr. Frisch, Hendrik (2017):
    Investigation of the influencing variables on the uniformity of torque transmission of a wet-running double clutch.
  • Dr. Penning, Isabelle (2017):
    Student companies from the perspective of teachers.