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Project objectives & contents

Complex IT systems challenge users as well as developers in various ways. Different approaches are necessary to appraise the various potentials of complex systems which are used in complex industry contexts. These approaches are designed to create a higher value contribution to business than a sheer documentation system.

The goal of the research project „BEFAS“   is therefore to enable an extended economic evaluation, as all well as delivering the potential value proposition of the BEFAS-system at Volkswagen and to identify necessary optimization activities.

The intention of the project is to identify the exact value of the BEFAS-system for different users. Furthermore the value measurement of the system is conducted using key performance indicators, which are developed collaboratively by different stakeholders, to use a universal and accurate approach for documenting the value.

Project participants

  • Volkswagen AG

Contact Persons

  • Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister
  • Philipp Bitzer