UNIKAT Crowdfunding

Project Description

The aim of the UNIKAT CROWDFUNDING project is the conception, piloting and evaluation of a crowdfunding platform for start-ups from the University of Kassel. The platform offers these young entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their company and to finance it with the help of numerous supporters. The crowdfunding website is aimed at start-ups from a wide variety of areas (art, film, music, design, inventions, prototyping, founding, etc.) at the University of Kassel and serves to bring supporters (capital providers) and founders (capital takers) together. Potential supporters not only act as pure donors but can also actively contribute to the company, e.g. as part of the evaluation of the business idea.

It should be emphasized that UNIKAT Crowdfunding is the first crowdfunding website in Germany initiated by a university. The website has been online since February 2014. It was created in collaboration with Startnext, the largest crowdfunding community in German-speaking countries.

Project Partners

UNIKAT CROWDFUNDING is a joint project between the following partners:


The project is financed by Wirtschaftsförderung Region Kassel GmbH.


The UNIKAT Crowdfunding online platform at the University of Kassel has received an award from the Stifterverband der Deutschen Wissenschaft. With this, the Stifterverband honors innovative and exemplary projects that are implemented at universities.

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Research Contributions

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  • Dr. Ulrich Bretschneider
  • Michael Kunz
  • Nikolaus Lipusch

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