KoLeArn - Context-senstive Learning Services in the Work Process of the Smart Industrial Production – Systematic Engineering and Piloting in China

Starting situation

The digitization of economy and society does not only change value-added processes, but will also permanently change the current production and working methods. Furthermore, the industry 4.0 program offers opportunities for new business models. With its strategic program "Made in China 2025" the Chinese government has presented a plan of action with which they foster industry 4.0 -specific technologies. For the implementation and use of modern technologies, specialists must be trained further. However, on the one hand, there is a lack of skilled workers and on the other hand appropriate trainings for non-academic workers in China is lacking. Therefore, there is great potential for German suppliers to export the excellent German training to China.

Aim of the project

The project KoLeArn develops context-sensitive learning services and corresponding service systems to provide German vocational training companies the possibility for a successful export of their services to China. Context-sensitive learning services target non-academic skilled workers in China, who need complex expert knowledge in the process of 'smart' industrial production and often have heterogeneous previous knowledge. By using IT supported learning, the costs for further education shall be reduced. Furthermore, by providing operating process integrated forms of learning through IT, efficient business models can be created.

Project Team

  • University of Kassel, Information Systems, Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister (Coordination)
  • University of Kassel, Business Didactics Prof. Dr. Jens Klusmeyer
  • smarTransfer GmbH, Dr. Philipp Bitzer
  • Berufsbildungszentrum Kassel GmbH (Translation: Vocational Training Centrum Kassel), Dr. Ute Urbon
  • Wirtschaftsförderung Region Kassel GmbH (Translation: Economic Faciliation of the Region Kassel), Kai Lorenz Wittrock


The project KoLeArn is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research  (BMBF), managed by the DLR Project Management Agency in the funding program Internationalisation of Vocational Education and Training.

Joint grant number of the University of Kassel: 01BE17008A