If you are interested in writing your thesis supervised by us, please send your application and/or questions to scm[at]uni-kassel[dot]de!

Chair of Supply Chain Management: Guidelines for writing a thesis

Here are links to the rules of the University of Kassel on plagiarism as well as Principles of good scientific practice for writing scientific theses:


For Master students asking for supervision for their master thesis, we demand that you take the following two lectures beforehand:

Winter term: Supply Chain Management (6 credits)

Summer term: Research Methods for Business (6 credits).

The SCM lecture prepares to the theoretical work, while the methods lecture prepares you for writing a thesis and quite likely conducting empirical research.
We would also recommend that you would attend additional lectures and seminars.

Bachelor students have to attend and pass one of the following three lectures:

Strategic Operations Management (usually in the summer term)

Supply Chain Planning

Operations Management


Once you contact us for your bachelor or master thesis, we will individually check the availability of suitable topics.
They are usually based on our ongoing research.
We are conducting research on the following topics:

(1) Circular supply chains:
We have a particular focus on collaboration and risk management related aspects.
(2) Supply Chain Management in Base of the Pyramid settings and emerging economies:
We currently look at how information and communication technology enables businesses and their supply chains to operate in such settings.
We also address how social network theory can be employed in understanding how such supply chains are managed.
(3) Stakeholder Management in Supply Chains:
We assess what elements of stakeholder management are taken up in supply chains and what roles stakeholders take.
(4) Blockchains in supply chain management
The use of blockchains for information sharing is analysed.
(5) Additive manufacturing and circular supply chains.

The topics evolve over time, so the particulary topic for the thesis will be discussed with the interested students.