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Project Empowerment in a digitalized world of work (EdA): Lecture and workshop at RKW Hessen - network meeting of AG Personal Nord

On Wednesday, October 04, 2017, Dr. Christoph Peters (research group and project manager) and Benedikt Simmert (research assistant) from the Department of Information Systems (Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister) at the University of Kassel gave a lecture as well as a workshop at the network meeting of the AG Personal Nord of RKW Hessen. 

The focus of the lecture, which took place at the Plansecur Academy in Kassel, was the topic: "Shaping flexibility through crowd work". In particular, the effects of digitalization on the world of work and the possible uses of external and internal crowd work in companies were highlighted. In particular, the compatibility of crowd work and agile forms of work as well as the possibility of creating more agile work structures in the company with the help of crowd work were intensively discussed with the participants present.

Following the presentation, Dr. Christoph Peters and Benedikt Simmert discussed the empowerment of employees in the context of digital forms of work with the participants in a workshop on "Empowerment in digital forms of work". In the process, exciting and valuable insights were gained into, among other things, empowerment instruments within companies and the necessary prerequisites for the implementation of digital forms of work. The insights gained are highly relevant both for research at the Department of Information Systems at the University of Kassel and for further work within the sub-project "Developing approaches to empowerment for the crowd" as part of the BMBF project "Empowerment in a digitalized world of work (EdA)".