Information systems (IS) are dealing with the fields of economy, society and administration. The main goal of this discipline is to understand and organize IS in their application areas and to take implementation, usage and maintenance aspects into account. IS cover the interfaces of business studies, computer and engineering sciences and also incorporate own theoretical and methodological concepts. IS teaching is characterised

  • Applicability
  • Design orientation
  • Integration of the economical, technical and social aspects

Alumni with qualifications in Information Systems are in a high market demand; both in the field of undergraduate as well the advanced education (see information from bitkom). The employment figures have been increasing constantly in this field for 15 years. The future prospects for alumni, particularly in comparison with other fields of business studies, are in general very good.

The department of Information Systems follows a clear teaching concept, which is supported by a wide range of courses.

Further information in A Student's Guide to the Study of Information Systems 2009/2010 and the online-lexicon Encyclopedia of Information Systems give excellent complementary information, especially for new students.