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The project BISEBS (Business Informatics for Economics and Business Students) of the department of economics of Kassel University provides evidence of the fact that teaching can meet individual students’ requirements even when dealing with a large number of participants. For this reason BISEBS received the award of the federal state of Hessen for excellence in teaching. The prize money amounts to 50.000 euros. The prize is being offered as a reward from the federal state of Hessen and the charitable Hertie endowment since 2007. BISEBS was developed by Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister, Dr. Reinhard Gerhold, Marco Hartmann, Philipp Menschner, Andreas Prinz and René Wegener. BISEBS serves as an introduction to business informatics for students of economic and business sciences. The project follows the central theme that teaching can do justice to individual needs even in courses with large attendance. We believe that with the intelligent aid of IT such a course can not only teach (factual) knowledge but methodological and media competencies as well.
The project consists of two different lectures of business informatics (Info I & II). Info I as a compulsory module offers an introduction to business informatics to a large number of students (approx. 300 per semester). In Info II students acquire methodological competencies and application skills through the usage of programming tools.
What is new about the project is the active participation of the students in the teaching process: In Info I they create and review multiple choice questions which are used in the final exam (Co-Create-Your-Exam). These phases last up to several minutes and also serve as a short rest to the students. Students have access to a virtual learning environment which contains interactive recordings of the lectures as well as a live stream. Besides, students can contact the lecturer not only via e-mail and a regular consultation-hour but also via a virtual consultation-hour based on videoconferencing.
The students of Info II create learning modules on selected topics of Info I under company of the lecturers. The development follows the structure of a real software development process from the conceptual design up to the final implementation. The learning modules are then provided to the students of Info I as learning materials. This process supports the acquisition of media competence, the acknowledgment of the students’ performance and the continuous advancement of the course. The project BISEBS fits into the extensive E-Learning strategy of Kassel University which is coordinated by the university’s Servicecenter Lehre. This way BISEBS contributes to the further diffusion of media-supported learning at Kassel University.

Presentation BISEBS


This presentation was held at Kassel University on October 22nd (in German)

Impressions of the lectures Info1 & Info

Click here to find photos from the lectures Info1 & Info2.

Persons involved

Examples of Web-based trainings (WBTs)

As part of the project BISEBS (Business Informatics for Economics and Business Students) the WBTs are used as learning materials in Info 1 (all materials are in German).

Service Enigneering & Customer Integration

This paper describes how the research topics Service Engineering and Customer Integration of the chair of Information Systems are applied to teaching (in German).

Wegener, R.; Menschner, P. ; Leimeister, J. M. (2009): Analyse und Optimierung von Lehrdienstleistungen mittels Service Blueprinting - Konzeption und erste empirische Befunde. In: Proceedings of the Multikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik (MKWI) 2010, in press.

Analyse und Optimierung von Lehrdienstleistungen mittels Service Blueprinting anzeigen

Videos of the prize giving ceremon

Lending out of the awards

Expression of thanks of Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister

Danksagung Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister

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