The department of Managerial Technology Management at the University of Kassel was founded in October 2016. The research group is part of the Institute of Management and Business Studies (IBWL) of FB 07 (Faculty of Economics and Management) and led by Assistant Prof Dr Sabrina Schneider. Its main emphasis lies on providing teaching on technology management, business model innovation and management of digitization and to conduct research on the management of disruptive technological developments, in particular digitization.

Prof. Dr. Sabrina Schneider

Address University of Kassel
FB 07 Faculty of Economics and Management
Institute of Management and Business Studies (IBWL)
Managerial Technology Management
Kleine Rosenstraße 3, 4th floor, room 2016
34117 Kassel
Telephone +49 561 804-2796
Office Hours:

upon request

Picture of Prof. Dr. Sabrina  Schneider