Institute of Management and Business Studies

Welcome to the Institute of Management and Business Administration. The institute comprises all chairs from the Faculty that deal with management and business related topics.

By providing an attractive course program and by offering cooperation with many universities from abroad, the institute is striving to establish an excellent business education at the University of Kassel. Especially local students from the area of Kassel are at the center of our attention. Our goal is to qualify them for future leadership positions. To reach this goal, we offer a master’s degree in management and business administration, whereas specifications in the following fields are possible: Dialog Marketing (DiMark), Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Taxation (FACT) and Information, Innovation and Management (IIM).

Our goals in teaching are accompanied by the goal to provide for an internationally accepted standard of scholarly research in recent topics of management and business administration. We especially strive for publications in papers with an international reputation and for a high profile in participation in international conferences. A special concern of the institute is the promotion of junior scientists. By successively refashioning the institute’s profile, among other things, to new junior professorships are to be created.