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Survey on photovoltaics in Kassel and the surrounding area

The OwnPV-Outlook research project is investigating, among other things, the investment and user behavior of private households in photovoltaics and the acceptance of mandatory photovoltaics among the population. For this purpose, a total of around 1,000 customers of St├Ądtische Werke Kassel were surveyed online in the period from November 2022 to March 2023.

Background: The rapid expansion of photovoltaics in Germany is intended to make an important contribution to climate protection. The German government has set itself the goal of increasing installed capacity from the current 67 GW to 215 GW in 2030. In order to make this as environmentally compatible as possible, priority should be given to using suitable roofs for this purpose. Estimates suggest that only 11% of the corresponding roof areas on single- and two-family homes have been used for photovoltaics to date (data: 2020). In addition, tenants can also be supplied with photovoltaic electricity via so-called tenant electricity. With a further increase in electric cars, photovoltaics can also make an important contribution to meeting the energy demand for mobility in the summer months in the future.

In our survey, we addressed several questions: Are there structural differences between homeowners with PV and those who do not yet own a PV system? What is the willingness to invest in PV in the coming years? Who supports a photovoltaic obligation for private house roofs in case of renovation, who rejects such an obligation? How great is the interest in tenant electricity? How is tenant access to electromobility?

Photovoltaics survey Kassel