Targeted reporting enables efficient work, facilitates the evaluation of large amounts of data and supports decision-making.

The Quality Management Report is published annually and includes:

  • Results of the evaluations carried out during the academic year. Evaluated are
    • Course evaluation
    • Tutorial evaluation
    • Bachelor and master surveys
    • Graduate:internal survey
    • CHE rankings
  • Assessment of the development of teaching at the School of Business and Economics
  • Development of student numbers
  • Development of the courses offered
  • Evaluations from the monitoring of the course of studies

The quality management report is available in the internal area.

Every two years, the department prepares a report on the quality development of teaching and learning.

The teaching report:

  • serves as a data-based inventory and quantitative and qualitative situation analysis of studying and teaching in the department,
  • serves as an occasion and vehicle for the internal quality discussion within the dean's office, the study and teaching working group, the institutes as well as in the departmental council with the involvement of the students,
  • serves as a periodic basis and platform for the discussion of important questions of development with the university management after internal departmental referral,
  • develops and formulates a program of action in teaching and learning from the perspective of the department, on which the department and university management can agree and which serves as the basis for a quality assurance control loop and as a starting point for organizational improvements.

The teaching reports can be viewed in the internal area.