07.11.2017 17:12

Huge success at this year's International Conference for Information Systems (ICIS 2017) in Seoul

The chair for Information Systems and Systems Engineering will present six research papers at this year's ICIS in Seoul, South Korea (December 10-13). The ICIS is the most prestigious gathering of information systems academics and research-oriented practitioners in the world.

The following papers will be presented:

Sturm, S. and Sunyaev, A.: You Can't Make Bricks Without Straw: Designing Systematic Literature Search Systems

Lins S. and Sunyaev A. (Short Paper): Unblackboxing IT Certifications:A Theoretical Model Explaining IT Certification Effectiveness

Lins, S. Schneider D., Benlian A., and Sunyaev A. (Short Paper): The Shifts of Fortune Test the Reliability of Friends – The Brittle Nature of Signal Reliability in Cloud Service Markets

Lins S. (Doctoral Consortium Paper): Understanding and Enhancing the Effectiveness of Certifications

Schneider D., Lins S., Grupp T., Benlian A., and Sunyaev A. (Complete Research Paper): Nudging Users Into Online Verification: The Case of Carsharing Platforms

Thiebes, S., Lyytinen, K., and Sunyaev, A. (Complete Research Paper): Sharing Is About Caring? Motivating and Discouraging Factors in Sharing Individual Genomic Data