100RE regions


Since 2007, the 100 % Renewable Energy Regions project (100ee-Regions) has been helping communes and regions that want to supply themselves with both efficiency and sufficiency from 100 % renewable energy sources. The first project phase centred on taking stock and analysing scientifically. The objective was to give for the first time an overview of regions active in the energy field in Germany. Based on this, in the second phase of the project, the regions identified are integrated into a stable, long-term network. In particular, regions are increasingly demanding mutual exchange and learning from each other by means of transferrable examples of success. At the heart of the Project is the map documenting the regional commitment to switching the energy supply long-term over to renewable energy sources. As the financial funding by the environmental ministry ended in 2014, the project is continued as a self-supporting network.



Prof. Dr. Heike Wetzel
Tel. (0561) 804 - 7750