Climate Protection Concept Alheim

Integrated Climate Protection Concept for the Municipality of Alheim

Duration: August 2018 bis April 2019

Collaborators: Climate and Energy Efficiency Agency (KEEA)

Commissioned byGerman Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU)

Funded by the BMU within the framework of the National Climate Initiative the municipality of Alheim is developing an "Integrated Climate Protection Concept for the Municipality of Alheim". The University of Kassel is an implementation partner for the Climate Protection Concept.

Summary: The integrated climate protection concept will detail current and potential areas of activity in the municipality of Alheim. Concrete measures will be developed with the involvement of the local actors to achieve the desired climate protection goal. The purpose of this is to develop an action guide as a strategic planning and practical working tool, which then serves as the basis for future activities and investments. In addition to the sustainable development of local potentials, the focus is primarily on the creation and further development of long-term structures for the stabilization of climate protection in Alheim.

The department contributes to the conception of climate protection with special emphasis in the areas of potential analysis and stakeholder participation as well as sufficiency measures and stabilization strategy.


Prof. Dr. Heike Wetzel
Tel. (0561) 804 - 7750