C/sells: Large-scale flagship in the the solar regions of Southern Germany

Duration: January 2017 – December 2020

Project coordination: University of Kassel, Department Energy Economics

Collaborators: 41 partners (research partners, partners of the municipal area as well as industry)
Also look at: http://www.csells.net/partner/projektpartner.html

Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Summary: The "C/sells" project involves a large-scale flacship in the "Solarbogen Süddeutschland" (Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Hesse) model region, making it one of five major projects within the BMWi funding program "Schaufenster intelligente Energie - Digitale Agenda für die Energiewende (Sinteg)". The aim of the projects is to create a secure, economical and environmentally compatible future energy supply system, with a growing share of renewable energies. To this end, production, consumption, grid and market are to be networked through innovative technology and processes.

Within "C / sells", a cellular structured energy system ("Cells") is to be established, which allows all participating actors the possibility of economic participation ("sells"). In addition to the development of ICT technologies, the project is characterized by a series of concrete demonstration projects.

Three chairs of the University of Kassel (Energy Economics, Intelligent Embedded Systems and Communication Technology) are involved in four different work packages of the project. They will contribute and deepen their existing competences in the fields of energy economy and energy technology to ensure the success of the project. In order to achieve the projects objectives, the chairs cooperate closely. 

On the one hand, the chair of Energy Economics, working closely with the regional grid operator EnegieNetz Mitte, focuses on the development of a regional electricity market to provide flexibility in the distribution grid. This so-called "RegioFlex market" is to be implemented and tested in selected subnetworks. On the other hand, a regional electricity brand is being developed as an innovative marketing model, tailored to a future decentralized energy system.

See also: http://www.csells.net/ueber-c-sells/arbeitspakete.html
(The relevant work packages of the chair of energy economics are AP 6.6 and AP 7.2.1. The other chairs of the University of Kassel are also involved in the work packages AP 3.4 and AP 6.4.)


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