Transformation potentials of Energy cooperatives

Duration: May 2013 – December 2016

Project coordination: Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg

Collaborators: UFZ Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research Leipzig, Eduard Pestel Institut Hannover

Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Summary: The production, use and distribution of energy in Germany have been ruled by monopolies for a long time and avenues for democratic participation were rare. Decentralised energy cooperatives are the expression of citizens’ strong will to take part in this important part of their lives. The stakeholders’ reasons to take part are manifold (economic, social, political). The ultimate objective of this government-funded project is the estimation and description of the transformation potential energy cooperatives have on the energy system on the micro and macro level. Another aim is the development of information material and to offer consultation. ENGENO analyses the emergence, stabilisation and diffusion of energy cooperatives.  It deals with stakeholders, management processes and the general institutional framework. Five different inter- and trans disciplinary sub-goals are distinguished: Qualitative estimation of local innovation impulses from energy cooperatives for energy safety and energy use and the promotion of fossil-free energy sources (development of a scenario) Quantitative and qualitative estimation of the willingness for participation in energy cooperatives and the scope for ecologically compatible lifestyles (sustainable lifestyles) Depiction of success factors, strategic orientations and examples of good practice business models (energy cooperatives as sustainable forms of enterprise) Appraisal and field mapping of energy cooperatives in Germany (map of energy cooperatives). Analysis of the emergence, stabilisation and diffusion of energy cooperatives Development of recommendations for communication,  networking and the general framework of energy cooperatives.


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