LEADER Aller-Leine-Valley

Duration: Funding period 2014-2020

Project coordination: University of Kassel, Department Energy Economics

Collaborators: deENet Kompetenznetzwerk dezentrale Energietechnologien with the assistance of the University of Kassel Faculty of Energy Economics

Commissioned by: European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (ELER)/ LEADER programme (Links between actions for the development of the rural economy)

Summary:The European Union funding program LEADER (French for Links between activities of the rural economy) supports the economic development of rural areas from cooperation and networking. Based on the LEADER principles of the German federal state Lower Saxony, the LEADER region Aller-Leine-Tal (Aller-Leine-Valley) is composed of eight associations of municipalities in Lower Saxony. 

As a unified institution, the LEADER region Aller-Leine-Tal has gained its energy independence and is thus defined as a 100% renewable energy region+. It has generated and ratified a concept of development in 2014, which aims at the development of the rural economy with simultaneous consideration of protecting the climate and promoting renewable energy. The region emphasizes projects which reduce energy consumption and stimulate the supply and storage of energy from renewable sources, including geothermal, water, solar and wind sources. Further, the use of electric powered vehicles constitutes another focus of the region. In the past, the region has already been successful

Collaborating with the agency KoRiS, Kommunikative Stadt- und Regionalentwicklung, as the regional management, the project supports the region in achieving its defined climate protection and energy transition goals by advising the region’s steering committee, local action groups and individuals on relevant matters, providing information and linking induvial in networks. 


Prof. Dr. Heike Wetzel
Tel. (0561) 804 - 7750